Pinnacle Ridge Winery


AGES 21+

We have NEW POLICIES. Please read:

Our new bar will be open at 2 pm! Just a reminder - the upstairs level is CASH ONLY. Cards may be used downstairs in the Tasting Room.

Reviews of Frog Holler:

“Great songwriting, deliriously entertaining live act”— The Village Voice

“Neo-hillbillies with a twist, Frog Holler plays mountain blues and country as accessible and modern as the most hummable pop”— The Washington Post

“Some of the most rollicking, heartfelt country rock songs this side of Nashville”— Brian Howard, The Philadelphia City Paper

“Works brooding soundscapes as easily as classic bluegrass with an ear catching shimmer." - Paste Magazine

FOOD TRUCK: The Smith Homestead's Kitchen.¬if_id=1533173336812284