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Frog Holler Souvenir

Souvenir is out now on
ZoBird Records!

on iTunes
CD’s @ Cd Baby

Stores: Young Ones – Kutztown, Vertigo – W. Reading

CD Release Shows:
Fri June 3 – Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA (9:00-10:15pm set time)
Ardmore Music Hall
Sat June 4 – Kutztown Park Band Shell, Kutztown, PA (7:00-9:00pm)
Album Release Party

20th Anniversary Show:

Fri June 10 – Doubletree Hotel, Reading, PA – 8-10pm

Sat June 11 – The Hangar – Troy, NY

Souvenir was recorded from March 2015 to February 2016 with engineer, Bruce Siekmann at Amoeba Studio, Fleetwood, PA. It is Frog Holler’s seventh full-length release and first since 2009’s, Believe It or Not. Souvenir is the band’s first recording with new full time member, Cory Heller on keyboards joining long-time members Daniel “Skrappy” Bower on Drums, John Kilgore on electric guitar, Mike Lavdanski on banjo and harmony vocals, Josh Scuerman on bass, and songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitar player, Darren Schlappich rounding out Frog Holler who are not only celebrating the release of a new recording but are also marking twenty years as a band, having formed in 1996 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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  • Souvenir


  • Ataloft

    “Fantastic pop-rock production of a debut LP”

    — John Vettese, WXPN/The Key

  • Believe It or Not

    “...builds upon their signature sound in a way that shows the band maturing, both as songwriters and as musicians...”

    — Embo Blake, Hybrid Magazine

  • Haywire

    “mixing everyday language and creative phrasing to produce vivid, exciting images that make you smile, tug on your heart, offer hard-earned wisdom - or do all three”

    — Andy Turner, No Depression

  • The High, High’s and Low, Low’s

    “...some of the most rollicking, heartfelt country rock songs this side of Nashville.”

    — Brian Howard, Philadelphia City Paper

  • Railings

    “You’ll have to search far and wide to find songs expressed with more sensitivity or frustration.”

    — Loudon Temple, Maverick Magazine

  • Idiots

    “A fascinating blend of personal and universal, with great good fun lurking around every corner.”

    — Shaun Dale, Cosmic Debris

  • Adams Hotel Road

    “Both beautiful and deeply moving.”

    — Tim Heinley, Northeast Surfnews

  • Couldn’t Get Along

    “I was completely bowled over.”

    — David Goodman, Modern Twang



  • Just Added!
    I Don’t Know Why

    From Souvenir - 4:19

  • To Turn Back Now

    From Believe It or Not - 3:49

  • One Last Time

    From Haywire - 3:59

  • Sleepy Eyes

    From The High, High's and The Low, Low's - 3:44

  • Virginia

    From Railings - 4:32

  • Adams Hotel Road

    From Idiots - 3:58

  • Old Jones

    From Ataloft - 3:28

  • The End is Nearer Than We Know

    From Ataloft - 4:14

A new collection of songs by Darren Schlappich

When Darren and Mike started working on songs with longtime friend Bruce Siekmann, they weren't sure where things were going. Two years later, they've got a 12-song album, a six-piece backing band that includes Cory and a catalog of original songs that continues to grow. If you're a Frog Holler fan, you'll find Ataloft both strangely familiar and altogether new.

Visit Ataloft's Site


  • Not Like Us

    Video by Jeremy Shatnz - 5:47

  • Sight Unseen

    Video by Jeremy Shantz - 5:11

  • Least Most Wanted

    Live at Idiots CD Release Party, Brass Lantern, Reading, PA, 2001, Video by James Jewell - 4:47

  • Supposed To Be Livin

    Sellersville Theatre, 2008 - 5:24

  • Pennsylvania

    Live at the Lancaster Elks Club in 2009 - 5:11


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  • “Neo-hillbillies with a twist, Frog Holler plays mountain blues and country as accessible and modern as the most hummable pop” The Washington Post

  • “Well-written, well-played, mark them as special. ” — Sylvie Simmons, Mojo

  • “Some of the most rollicking, heartfelt country rock songs this side of Nashville” — Brian Howard, The Philadelphia City Paper

  • “All this band has to offer is talent, great songs, and consistency. ” — Andy Turner, No Depression

  • “Great songwriting, deliriously entertaining live act” The Village Voice

  • “As apt to produce a belly laugh as a tear, but sure to make you feel something every time.” Cosmik Debris

  • “The kind of heartfelt songwriting (and top-notch melodies) that most bands would kill for.” Dagger Magazine

  • “ brooding soundscapes as easily as classic bluegrass...” — Holly Gleason, Paste Magazine

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